Green Initiative

Our Green Initiative

In keeping with the company’s long history of innovation, M&R Development is positioned at the forefront of sustainable and eco-friendly development

M&R Development continually strives to create residential communities that utilize less energy, water, and resources and that ultimately consume fewer carbon emissions and solid waste

According to the United States Environment Protection Agency, buildings generate 39% of carbon dioxide emissions. This is the highest percentage of all ozone emissions and is higher than both the transportation and manufacturing industries in the United States. By reducing the amount of electricity, direct energy and drinkable water consumed in their residential developments, M&R Development hopes to make a real difference.

M&R Development’s most recent three projects, adopted the LEED standards and best practices necessary to obtain the LEED Gold rating. Some of the green initiatives that M&R Development put in place at this urban high-rise residential community included:

  • A lavishly landscaped 14,550 square-foot park adjacent to the residence
  • Advanced glazing technology to increase energy efficiency and decrease consumption
  • Outdoor terraces that allow natural sunlight into each apartment
  • Enhanced natural solar lighting in public spaces and individual apartments
  • Energy-Star rated appliances including washers and dryers
  • Extraordinary high indoor air quality control
  • Use of low ozone emissions/(low-VOC) products
  • A green roof and nature areas to reduce “urban heat island effect”
  • Reserved parking spaces for alternative-fuel vehicles
  • Recycling of over 90% of all construction-generated waste
  • Technologically advanced individual heating and cooling systems that allow efficient temperature control
  • Interior finish materials chosen for durability and harvested from sustainable resources
  • Recycling of all carpets, padding and hardwood flooring
  • Extensive recycling of rain water for natural landscaping purposes
  • Perennial natural plantings and unique natural habitats
  • State-of-the-art resident recycling program
  • Use of recycled paper products

M&R Development continues to raise the standard of residential apartment development. Its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, improve the environment and meet residents’ needs are what set the company apart.